Industrial Testing

Industrial Testing

Calibration of gauges and instruments are one of the vital processes for any manufacturing industry to produce a quality and reliable product to satisfy the customer needs.

ERP for testing labs software are used to manage all the testing activities of a lab. These are very essential tools as it helps in running the lab and all the administrative events efficiently and productively. These are often underrated but have a great value in electrical, chemical, mechanical and physical testing.

A lab works properly only when its instruments are working properly. We provide comprehensive and refined ERP software to test the existing instruments and calibrate them to match the standards.

Our software is according to the National and International standard which help in the calibration of the measuring apparatuses. There are defined templates of the gauging instruments. The parameters of the instruments are compared with the International and National standards to calculate deviation from the required standard using our calibrating software. After the comparison, a report is generated which is sent to the end users online.

SAP Business One ERP Solution covers various common testing services

Hardline & Softline Testing,
Refractory Materials,
Polymers and Rubber Testing,
Wood and Furniture Testing,
Electrical Testing,
Metals & Alloys Testing,
Mechanical Testing,
Welded Structure,
Corrosion Testing,
Hazardous Substance,
Metallographic Testing Services,
Failure Analysis,
Residual Life Assessment,
Structural & Building Testing,
Paint & Coating Evaluation Testing,
Coal Testing,
Building Materials Testing,
Soil Testing Services,
Minerals & Ores Testing Services,
Petroleum Products Testing,
Microbiology Testing,
Paper and Packaging Materials,
Environmental Monitoring Water Testing,
Cosmetics Testing,
Food & Agro Products



  • Capable of storing all information of Field Instruments
  • Stores individual calibration information of instruments
  • Maintains history of Calibration Records
  • Calibration Reports in compliance with ISO 9001.
  • Calibration due date reminder
  • Printing of User Definable Calibration Reports
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