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Machine Learning

Machine Learning – Potential

When machine learning matures to the point that it can handle unstructured data (still an issue today), when organizations openly share data, and when algorithms begin to interact with each other more freely, machine learning will be embedded in all systems, devices, machines, and software.

That will enable highly context-sensitive insight at both the organizational and individual levels. We can only guess at the level of automation that will result, but the impact on business – and society – will be significant.

Already, commercial machine-learning applications based on these technologies are available, and more are being created all the time. That is why business leaders should engage now with trusted providers that can help them evaluate data structures and availability, free up information from siloed systems, and identify the richest areas for machine-fueled insight and improvement.

Machine Learning for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

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Sales Recommendation

Display of product recommendations based on the buying histories of your customers and similar customers in sales documents

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Intelligent Forecast

Interact with built-in statistical forecast algorithms to analyze inventory levels and optimize your demand