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Inventory & Distribution

SAP Business One delivers accurate data regarding incoming and outgoing shipments, inventory, and product locale.
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SAP Business One delivers accurate data regarding incoming and outgoing shipments, inventory, and product locale. You can evaluate inventory using tools such as FIFO (first in, first out), moving average, standard costing, and various other methods. With these tools, you will be able to easily complete critical business tasks in real time; such as auditing stock levels, tracking transfers, running inventory updates and availability checks, and managing standard and special pricing. You will be able to run reports that reveal the level of impact on discounts including client discounts, volume discounts and cash discounts.

  • Warehouse and Inventory Management: Manage catalogues by utilizing numerous costing models, maintain item master data, and use numerous units of measurement and pricing

  • Bin Location Management: Manage inventory by isolating each warehouse into multiple subcategories, set up allocation rules, optimize stock movement, and diminish selection times

  • Goods Receipt and Issue Control: Document goods receipts and issues, track stock locations and transfers, enable consignment, drop-shipping, and perform inventory and cycle counts

  • Production and Material Requirements Planning: Develop and maintain multilevel bills of materials (BOMs), circulate production orders physically or by backflush, and universally maintain prices for BOMs

  • Efficient Reporting: Produce reports with prompt data and unveil your data in diverse formats or dashboards

SAP Business One Wholesale and Distribution Features

  • Greater efficiency through automated processes and integrated production functionality
  • Improved customer service
  • Thanks to on-time delivery, fewer shortages and stock-outs, you can ensure that your customers get their orders when expected
  • Reduced inventory costs by forecasting customer demands in advance with materials planning tool and by improving
    inventory control
  • Increased profit margins by adopting a lean approach to operations and distribution to grow the company without
    additional overhead costs
  • Better visibility by having a single, transparent view of operations and inventory across multiple locations
  • Faster time to delivery streamlined order entry processing with real-time available to promise, instant pick-list
    generation help companies achieve same day delivery goals providing a competitive edge