Polymer & Polypropelene

Polymer & Polypropelene

For manufacturers of configured pumps, meters, or other material handling systems, one word describes your business best—complexity. Your product line is intricate. Nearly every customer wants you to fulfill a unique set of requirements from thousands of variables—like flow, diameter, fittings, shape, mountings, and controls. Your distribution channel is also multifaceted. In addition, your internal operations are complex. Production equipment and processes become more sophisticated each year, which means you need a highly skilled workforce that can keep pace.

There’s only one way to keep up, and that’s to find ways to streamline processes and simplify business complexities. SAP Business One ERP gives you capabilities to manage the complexities inherent in manufacturing configured pumps and meters, so you increase sales, reduce costs, and strengthen your brand.

Business Benefits

  • Boost sales performance.
  • Make it easy for distributors.
  • Help customers visualize their order
  • Better manage product innovation
  • Upsell more effectively.
  • Deliver the perfect order
  • Automate manufacturing instructions.
  • Reduce labor requirements
  • Innovate faster.
  • Create a consistent buying experience.
  • Deliver quality


  • Automated solution explorer helps to industrial authorities to plan in accordance with available raw materials and individual demands of customers enabling respective production process.
  • Subcontracting of workload happens without complexities since complete details related to segregation of process are stored and maintained on centralized web server system.
  • Live to monitor of stage-wise production aspects records events happening across all departments accurately in order to move on further processing without any flaws.
  • Purchase reports are gathered from all departments and maintained in a separate log in order to analyze PO and relevant transactions without any errors.
  • Industrial machinery and other components can be kept secured through SAP system that records manpower engaged in working on it thereby avoiding the occurrence of illegal assignments.
  • Quality Pumps are released to end customers by doing continuous inspections. It happens by recording each feedback on testing resulting in delivering featured products.
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