SAP Business One HANA Features

SAP Business One

Pervasive Analytics

Pervasive Analytics - Dashboards
SAP Business One
  • Embed dashboards in transaction screens or in cockpit
  • Enable front line employees to see data needed to make business decisions – at the moment it’s needed
  • Reflect transactional activity as it happens with real-time analysis
  • Predict future behavior with forecasting capabilities

Pervasive Analytics – KPIs

  • Evaluate the status of business in an easy-to-view way
  • Embedded in SAP Business One Cockpit
  • No knowledge about database tables and dependencies is needed, when using partner/ SAP pre-build HANA models

Pervasive Analytics – Insight to Action

Enhanced feature set for Pervasive Analytics Dashboards and KPIs

  • Ability to relate business actions to pervasive dashboards and KPIs
  • Available action types:
    • Open SAP B1 Window to open B1 forms, such as Master Data
    • Trigger Enterprise Search
    • Link to SAP B1 Window, to show dashboard in sidebar
    • Open Advanced Dashboard (see next slide for a description of advanced dashboards)
  • Drill down into business details
  • Translate insights into actions

Pervasive Analytics – Advanced Dashboards

Supplementary Dashboard to display related, critical data

  • Ability to create supplementary dashboards to display related data for pervasive dashboards or KPI widgets
  • Add filters to break down the displayed results
  • Display critical data grouped on a dedicated dashboard
  • Quick access to related business analysis and KPIs