SAP Business One HANA Features

SAP Business One

Fiori-style Cockpit

Widgets to cover most of the daily operation
SAP Business One
  • Role-based cockpit based on HTML5
  • Predefined roles in sales, purchasing, finance and inventory
  • Fiori-style
  • Widgets can be selected from Widgets Gallery
  • Simplifies access to information
  • Improves user experience

Several types widgets available:

  • dashboard widgets (26 predefined)
  • KPI widgets (79 predefined)
  • count widget (5 predefined)
  • workbench widget (4 predefined)
  • common function widget
  • browser widget
  • messages and alerts widget
  • recently updated widget

Fiori-style Cockpit – Count Widget

  • 5 predefined Count widgets
  • sales orders not delivered
  • open A/R invoices
  • purchase orders not received
  • open A/P invoices
  • open inventory transfer requests.
  • Create new Count Widgets based on user-defined queries, where the Count widget counts the query results
  • Simple but powerful feature to get insights of your business

Fiori-style Cockpit – Workbench

Widgets to cover most of the daily operation

  • Process flow widget to create and manage documents for:
    • Sales
    • Purchasing
    • Inventory management
    • Financials
  • Guides user through key business processes
  • Provides easy access to related functions
  • Instructions for implementation – SAP note, clip