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SAP Business One

As SoftCore, with the Experience in variety of domain, we know how to map unique needs of our customer and their growing businesses. Such unique customization allow users to map some critical scenarios which are not supported
by Standard SAP Business One neither in other ERP solutions. But, SAP Business One’s extended customization supports to map unique requirements of customer with the accuracy to match with current process or legacy process in run.

Our Team supports Less Add-Ons policy. Which means that customers requirement can be mapped and monitored within few customization along with the standard system. Therefore, we always recommend our customer to standardize the process so we can map it in standard as well as in customized manner where he can get benefits of it.


We have successfully delivered various customization projects for SAP B1 Customers and Partners. Some of the SAP B1 tools / features used to deliver customized solutions to customers include:

User Define Fields and User Defined Tables – UDF/UDT:
To fulfil the different needs of SME, SAP Business One includes a wide range of customization and integration features that do not require specialized technical knowledge or programming skills. With our skilled resources, you can easily add below customization – all without writing a single line of code:

  • Add new fields
  • Add new tables
  • Create custom lookup lists
  • Formatted Searches
  • Define field validation rules
  • Design custom alerts

User can add an unlimited number of user-defined fields (UDF) to the system. These fields may be added to static data files, document headers or even to the body of documents.

Customizations with Software Development Kit – SDK
SAP Business One includes customization features and configuration options. With the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive set of tools for software developers, we can tailor the solution to meet your particular needs. To meet the different needs of small and midsize businesses, SAP Business One includes a wide range of customization and integration features that do not require specialized technical knowledge or programming skills.

The SDK offers a full-featured set of business objects that allow real-time or batch-mode integration between SAP Business One and your external applications. Whether you are interfacing with a custom Web portal, integrating legacy data, or building applications using Web services, the SDK simplifies the task with access to a wide range of master records and transactional objects. The SDK eliminates the need to rewrite business logic and ensures the integrity of your data.

Cycle support
Provide complete life cycle support from design to implementation to enhancements.

Perform analysis
Develop the best applications for your needs.

Provide metrics and reporting solutions for ROI and analysis.

Custom applications
Integrate custom applications with SAP Business One.

Integrate web functionality with SAP Business One.

Training sessions
Deliver training sessions tailored to your unique business needs.