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Big Data – What is meant by Big Data?

Big Data is neither a problem nor a solution in itself, or even a single technology.

Big Data is neither a problem nor a solution in itself, or even a single technology. It‘s not important how many …bytes of data business has accumulated. The issue is how to get value from Big Data
by exploiting its combination of speed, complexity, and diversity?

It‘s an opportunity to develop a foundation for decision management systems, incorporate new business signals into human and machine workflows, and drive growth and profit through innovation. One of the most popular aspects of Big Data today is the realm of predictive analytics.

  • Make information transparent and usable at a higher frequency e.g. enhance the customer’s experience as it’s happening

  • Identify hidden relationships, patterns, and trends within data e.g. anticipate and avert business problems or risks before they materialize

  • Transform inventory allocation from a batch to an interactive process e.g. accurately predict consumer demand against stock levels and adjust promotions in-the-moment

Big Data in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Graphical display of your cash flow, including open documents optionally, to exposure your data

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Advanced Available-to-Promise

Get transparency about your inventory dynamically, in real-time to minimize costs

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Enterprise Search

Locate your business information via freestyle search, and drill down to the documents and sources itself

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Predictive Analysis

Use Forecasting strategies within your Dashboards to predict future and seasonal trends based on your historical data