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Multiple benefits of ERP software for furniture manufacturers!

Since the oldest days, furniture sector is marked by the artistic skills of craftsmen who pool their creativity and labour to make out products of fine value. Even today, when the demand has got momentous, the ingredients of ‘creation’ and ‘finesse’ rule the furniture market. However, the sector has found new interventions along the dimensions of primary materials, cushions and upholstery, water-proofing and some others. These interventions make the production of furniture much more sophisticated. In the wake of such developments, companies that are engaged in enterprise scale furniture production need a streamlined platform to manage all the functions and thus develop the best and most competitive product. This software, specifically the ERP suites allow for streamlined production apart from serving other requirements like design and cost analysis. Experts offer the overview of benefits derived through the ERP which is specialized for furniture sector companies.

  • Designing and materials analysis

This software offer the designing functions through which furniture product could be modelled in soft form together with all the dimensions well calculated. This minimizes/eliminates the manual determination of the measurements and ensures high level of finesse. While designing is not the core attribute of any ERP, it has been now included in furniture sector ERP because this dimension helps in other vital assessments that flow through it. Materials’ analysis is taken up in consonance with the selected design because the furniture characteristics warrant specific sturdiness and hence particular material!

  • Raw materials management

After the design and material selection is done, raw materials need to be procured for the specific order. Smart ERP facilitates easy management including the functions of procuring, storage, safety and others.

  • Production cost analysis

Cost analysis is very important factor because it determines not only the competitiveness in market but also the ROI for the company; this needs to be done beforehand and ERP helps here.

  • Production control

Dedicated and customized ERP allows controlling and managing the production process in real time so that the outputs could be modulated as per demands.

  • Differentiated orders management

Smart ERP software allows managing the orders of different clients in a differentiated manner. This means that different orders can be maintained through specific fact sheets that contain information relating to agreed rates, payments, credits, rebates and such other essentials.

  • Quality control

Quality control is very significant task for the furniture manufacturers. Unless quality is properly guarded in a continuous manner, the company would loose the hard race in the highly competitive market. Quality control functions of ERP are very comprehensive and underpin the entire cycle starting from material choice and ordering to the production and warehousing of the finished product.

  • Warehouse management and inventory

The ERP software allows management of furniture in the warehouse as per the dimensions that keep changing for every order!

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