Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering
Precision, flexibility, transparency and efficiency
Highest accuracy and a comprehensive overview of all processes are imperative for mechanical engineering. Precise calculations, full transparency and high efficiency in production are crucial for success and growth in modern industrial companies. The system-supported Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) SAP Business One PPS One actively supports the adaptation and optimisation of existing and new production processes. Industry-specific tools provide the necessary flexibility. In the blink of an eye, the solution ERP mechanical engineering also provides important data for tactical and strategically decisions through calculator analysis of production orders and projects. Furthermore, business processes become significantly more efficient with fast information about critical figures, such as machine utilisation, detailed project information and exact stock forecasts.

Flexible work plan
Parts lists and processes can be adjusted to altered production processes, for example growing parts lists, even during ongoing production. The integrated version management of work plans allows a fast reaction to multiple specifications for material and capacities during production planning.

Value flow
All cost factors can be defined exactly in the work plans. This allows precise pre- and post-calculation of production costs. Hourly machine costs can be determined to the day with the use of a separate calendar. WIP/WIA costs can be illustrated during ongoing production. Furthermore, a detailled collection of purchasing and production costs for articles with batch and serial number is possible.

Capacity planning
Based on operations and cost centre calendars, the capacity can be displayed accurately. Shift plans are customisable for each machine individually. Capacity bottlenecks during graphical detail planning are recognised early on and alternative dates are displayed. Sequence planning of production orders is presented optimally in a clear Gantt diagram.

Quality management (QM)
Fully integrated quality management: flexible and customisable test plans for parts list items, work positions and the article that is being produced. Based on an integrated messaging system, all required control activities are calculable and documentable. In addition, final QM reports for the display of test restuls (NCMR) can be stored in the system.

Materials management
Complete integration of materials scheduling in SAP Business One: Short-term missing parts analysis for production orders. Complete display of the outsourcing of production steps with provision of material, keyword “extended workbench”. Link to procurement in SAP Business One. Seamless traceability when using or producing batch and serial number managed articles.

Project management
Summary of all production and procurement processes in one project. Allocation of all documents to relevant processes in the respective project. Collection of all relevant project costs through a high quality connection to SAP financial accounting.

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