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Dairy Supply Chain

Extended supply chains and increasing regulatory controls, put ever increasing demands on Dairy Food producers. There’s a need to integrate the business, increase product traceability, manage costs and effectively manage time and resources.
Time and product quality are the essence of the dairy industry. The manufacturers are often caught between short shelf life of the products on one side and multi level quality checks on the other. If not managed well, the dairy incurs heavy production losses. With dedicated modules for each sensitive task, SAP Business One automates and improves dairy industry’s business processes and offers great control over aspects like Raw Milk Procurement Management, Distribution Management, Financials and Banking, and Reporting.

Industry Challenges

• Increased global competition
• Product traceability from farm to customer
• Yield and tracking of FAT loss within production
• Variation of Fat and SNF
• Payments based on milk characterstics
• Sustainability and carbon footprint

SAP Business One ERP Solutions

• Product Characterstics
• Ingredients and Allergens
• Fat content based Recipes
• Production and yield analysis
• Quality Control and Complaints
• Lot number, Expiry Date, Shelf Life
• Batch Traceability
• Product, CoProduct & Rework

Chilling centre

• Integrated with all standard weighing machines
• Integrated with all standard milk analyzers.
• Automatic weight, FAT & SNF capture
• Route, Agent and vehicle masters can be maintained locally
• SMS system is integrated and SMS can be sent to Farmers in real time*.
• Data can be sent through password protected excel sheets.

Dairy Solution

• Bulk GRPO postings
• Bulk A/P Invoice posting
• Vendor as customer concept for A/P and A/R invoice consolidation
• Automatic price calculation engine
• Bonus and Commission calculations
• Agent payment processing
• Automatic creation of bank files in dbf formats.
• Different MIS reports

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