Feature And Benefits SAP Business One

SAP Business One has the power to help you boost productivity, cut costs, seize opportunities, and anticipate challenges as never before. Read how SAP Business One can help your business:

Increase Revenue

Fast and easy access to real-time information from anywhere in the application helps you identify new sales opportunities, bring new products to market quickly, and provide business-building levels of customer support and service.

Reduce Costs

Say goodbye to costly upgrades and repetitive customizations associated with efforts to maintain software compatibility.

Run on One Solution

SAP Business One includes the following integral components: accounting, customer relationship management, sales, manufacturing, purchasing, banking, and inventory. Fully integrated solutions from SAP’s independent software vendor partners complement existing SAP Business One functionality and further address your specific business needs.

Improve Customer Relationships

Customer relationship management arms your team with relevant company-wide data for stronger sales and support.

Future-Proof Your IT Investment

Why put up with solutions you’ll outgrow? Eradicate slow software performance, outdated information, limits on data storage, and restrictions on the number of simultaneous users and locations. Gain Clearer Insight Instantly For unprecedented day-to-day control, use dashboards to deliver up-to-the-minute snapshots of key performance indicators.

Be Alert to Critical Information

SAP Business One features powerful alert functionality that is easy to establish.

Improve Efficiency

One centralized data repository dramatically boosts efficiency and provides the right information to the right people to eliminate redundant data entry.

Access Local Support

A worldwide network of qualified business partners provides unsurpassed local support.

Get Up and Running Quickly

Take advantage of preconfigured settings that support best business practices and enable easy implementation so you can get up and running quickly.

Support Multicurrency Transactions

Conduct business transactions and report in multiple currencies. Speak the Language of Your Customer With the support of more than 25 languages and more than 40 countries, you can communicate with customers and vendors worldwide.

Integrate SAP Business One with Microsoft Office

SAP Business One is fully integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of products. This enables seamless communication within your organization and includes functionality such as sharing contacts, appointments, and tasks.

Integrate SAP Business One with mySAP™Business Suite

SAP Business One features an open architecture that seamlessly integrates with the mySAP™ Business Suite family of business applications and with more than 300 applications from independent software vendors.