Evaluating Software Solutions

Evaluating Accounting and Business Management Software

Accounting and business management software is the foundation of any business. It provides companies with the ability to control and gain valuable insight into the most important parts of their business operations and streamline processes to aid business-critical functions.

There are multiple factors to consider when evaluating an accounting and business management solution, such as:

1. Choose the right software vendor: You should look for a software vendor with a proven reputation as a leader in the small to midsize accounting and business management software market. The vendor should be committed to serving small to midsize businesses and have a solid presence within this market.

2. Ensure the functionality suits your business needs: Your chosen business software solution should have the correct functionality to suit your business needs. This means understanding what your business wants from a business management solution such as invoicing, inventory control etc. You may require extra functionality beyond what the solution offers, make sure your chosen solution partner has the ability and the experience to make the required changes to your software to suit your business.

3. Consider the cost: You will need to consider the costs involved with implementing and maintaining a new software solution. The costs of software, licenses, maintenance etc are only part of the true cost of implementing a new software solution. There will be other costs to consider such as the cost of human resources, the cost of modules. Other questions should be asked such as, can the software be added on to as your business grows?

4. Choose the right solution partner: Choose a solution partner with extensive experience with your chosen software solution and a good relationship with the software vendor (awards are a good indicator of this). Your chosen solution partner should offer client references, case studies, industry experience, an understanding of your business needs, certified consultants and a comprehensive service offering.