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Ecommerce for SAP Business One utilises the best of breed ecommerce capabilities of Magento fully integrated with SAP Business One. By integrating Magento with SAP Business One, your company can eliminate repetitive and monotonous employee data entry, remove the danger of costly mistakes and errors and significantly reduce order fulfilment times, all while improving customer service and satisfaction.

The Magento SAP Business One integration automatically extracts data from your Magento e-commerce website and transfers the information directly into SAP Business One. The integration carries out a simple process that will free up time of your data entry employee considerably

Using our SAP Business One and Magento integration process, you can streamline the information flow and allow automatic transfer of data from your SAP Business One directly to your Magento e-commerce website. The integration process will provide your business with instant, bi-directional data flow between your front and back end solutions, allowing you to manage your entire e-business with ease.

By deploying our integration process, your business can:

  • Seamlessly integrate both systems. Customer details, orders, payment & shipment details and order statuses can be sent between your Magento and SAP Business One systems

  • Eliminate repetitive data entry with single point input, reducing operating expense and data entry errors

  • Optimise order fulfilment and decrease time to shipment with real-time order status updates

  • Improve customer service by ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for all products, stock levels and order statuses