Distributor/Wholesalers:  What would your business look like if you could…

  • Better manage your inventory — know what to stock, how much, and when to order
  • Empower your sales force with strong CRM tools
  • Integrate all areas of your business including accounting, inventory and sales in a single system
  • Grow sales with eCommerce, and enhance customer service by providing on-line access to order status and real-time inventory pricing
  • Improve the management and control of your business — you’re made aware of key business situations before they become problems
  • Keep the best of Microsoft Office yet gain world-class business software while lowering the total cost of your information technology


Why Distribution Management System is required?


  1. Company has multiple distributors to sell / manage stock from various locations.
  2. Limited accessibility of internet between head office and branches.
  3. Limited knowledge of Sales Employees to book orders
  4. To control First Expiry First Out for orders / invoicing.
  5. Complex discount policies for branches / items; such as 1 time discount for branch.
  6. Single solution to manage expenses & incentives based on sales of employee
  7. Detailed reporting of each branch’s stock, payments, returns.
  8. DMS help organizations to increase work efficiency


Features of Distribution Management System:


  1. Financials [SAP B1 COA, Journal Entries, Petty Cash, Expense & Incentive Management]
  2. Stock Management [ Stock Transfer from HO to Branch, Good Issue, Goods Receipt, Stock Reports ]
  3. Sales Module [ SMS based Sale Order, Sale Order Posting Wizard, Invoicing Management ]
  4. Banking [ Invoice Payment Wizard, Bank Deposit, Branch Petty Cash ]
  5. Reporting Module
  6. Integration between SAP Business One
  7. Administration Module to control authorizations.


Following business functions of Wholesale & Distribution Companies are covered in SAP Business One Solution:

  • Warehouse and Bin Management
  • Inventory Planning and Forecasting
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • Pick and Pack Facility
  • Integrated Inventory System with Finance
  • Import and Export Operations


Business Benefits for Wholesale & Distribution:

  • Automated supply and distribution chain
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Modernized process for delivery and payment
  • Streamline order-to-cash process through automation in operations.
  • Real-time view of all transactions
  • Streamlines complex operations of Import and Export
  • Precise and up to date information on special prices and offers and immediate information on customer historic purchases that include any special promotions or schemes that are valid at the same time of purchase
  • Cost-effective and value added services
  • Self-service capabilities for customers and suppliers
  • Tracking customer demand and purchasing behavior
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • Easy integration with eCommerce portals.
  • Efficient inventory planner that keeps a constant check on the stock
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