Chemical and Pharma Industry

Companies in the chemical & pharmaceutical industries must adhere to countless regulatory standards as well as guidelines. In addition, cost pressure is increasing all the time. Small to mid-sized companies therefore require ERP systems that allow them to model all legal and regulations while designing more efficient production processes, logistics, and supply chain management (SCM).

Cost-efficient Production Processes for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry
Reducing costs and increasing efficiency are the main reasons for implementing BPM and ERP systems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. According to a study, 82 percent of CEOs worry about high and volatile raw materials prices and three quarters are concerned about high and volatile energy costs. Further findings that quickly growing markets such as China affect the competitiveness of the chemical & pharmaceutical industries in Europe and worldwide. Therefore, savings and flexibility in production, supply chain management or chemical logistics are particularly decisive in enabling small and mid-sized companies to remain competitive.

Improve Production, Supply Chain and Monitoring Using SAP Business One for Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
SAP Business One for Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals expands the functions of SAP Business One to take into account the specific requirements of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The ERP system supports legally regulated business processes and transparent monitoring, as well as secure documentation flows.

The Benefits of SAP Business One for Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals:
•Support for legal standards and guidelines in accordance with industry-specific requirements
•Easy modeling of formulas, including by- and co-products, spoilage and waste, shelf life and expiration dates, and FIFO- and FEFO processes
•Effortless traceability all along the supply chain
•Documentation (data modifications, production and quality data, testing, acceptance and release steps) including the two-man rule and electronic signatures
•Maintenance and servicing of production facilities
•Seamless integration of subsystems.

SAP Business One Chemicals Solution Features
• Formulation; comprehensive multi-level formula management with roll-back. Mixed units of measure and material substitutions
• Laboratory; On-screen product development. Definable raw material/ingredient specifications
• Production; Independent end-items. Controls production of intermediates and finished goods. Sizing by finished weight, volume or available materials. MIX, FILL and ASSEMBLY batch types
• Planning; Master Production Schedule (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
• Compliance; Ingredients, shelf life, date/time stamped records, lot recall, material safety data sheets, wide range of compliance reports

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